Top 3 window film services

frosted vinyl for privacy

Frosted vinyl, also known as Sandblast vinyl, allows for customised privacy with a number of attractive patterns, whether it be  frosted window films for entrance halls, frosted glass windows for bathrooms or frosted glass doors for boardrooms,

If you need more privacy without sacrificing the natural outside light entering your home or office then let us install beautiful window frosting designs onto your windows to transform them into works of art. Even if it’s a solid Sandblast vinyl install with no designs, your windows will still look great!

decorative window frosting
one way privacy window film

tinted windows to reduce heat

Window tinting companies in Johannesburg all have the same goal in mind, and that is to cool down interior work and living spaces, whether it be window tinting for houses or office window tinting, tinted windows reduce excessive heat, glare, UV damage to furniture and flooring, and also to curb high energy costs due to air conditioner usage.

printed window vinyl

If you are looking to achieve total privacy during the day then Contravision vinyl and Solid vinyls are also  products to opt for if printed graphics are a requirement. Contravision vinyl has small holes in it which allow one to look out of an office or shop but it prevents passers-by from being able to look into your office therefor making it an excellent solution for daytime safety and security. Solid vinyls offer 100 privacy so you can’t see in or out with this window vinyl and it also stops the sun from shining in through your windows whereas Contravision would still allow the sun in because of the small holes in the film.

perforated window film


Some privacy window film questions answered.

All types of residential window film whether it’s solar film, security window film, anti graffiti film, decorative window film & window graphics are removable. While window film can be removed if need be, it isn’t easily removable in the sense that it will just fall off over time. If you want your window film removed, for best results, contact a professional company like Carmeleon Branding to assist in any such removals.

One way mirror film works with light. The side with the most light will give the mirror effect making it most effective with windows exposed to outdoor light.  If  used indoors sufficient artificial light needs to be created on the side the mirror effect is needed.

No it doesn’t. Frosted vinyl window film still allows 90% light in but offers 100% privacy day and night as a solid installation.  Only objects right up against the windows still show through but from 0.5m privacy starts and at 2m total privacy is achieved.

When it comes to privacy, you can get daytime privacy with solar film depending on lighting conditions, but the current window film products that are available on the market don’t allow for night time privacy if the lights are on. If you are looking for night time privacy, you can use a decorative window film such as a frosted window film to achieve night time privacy. With frosted window film, you won’t be able to see in or out during the day or night.