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sandblast vinyl privacy vs one way mirror privacy

film comparisons

If you are looking for window tinting to achieve total privacy day and night from both sides of the glass then look no further than SOLID Sandblast vinyl window film. SOLID Sandblast window tinting offers *100% privacy day and night from both sides, even from the outside with the lights on inside a room at night, so no need to have curtains or blinds drawn for total privacy as with one way mirror film. Sandblast vinyl is translucent, and because of this it still allows up to 90% of the natural outside light in during the day, which makes for a sensible tinted glass option in this regard. *There is a slight exception though, and that is security gates right up against the glass which still show through because of the translucent properties of the Sandblast vinyl, so if you are wanting to block off or cover security gates then you will be slightly disappointed here, but from 0.5 metres away privacy is achieved and at 2m total privacy, so leaving curtains or

blinds open with Sandblast vinyl installed on your windows will be no problem whatsoever, especially in townhouse complexes or estate type living where homes are often built quite close to each other. Typical uses for total privacy window tinting would be frosted window decals for bathroom windows, frosting conference room glass doors and any other areas where sensitive business information is displayed in the workplace. If total privacy is not essential then cut out frosted vinyl stickers for windows are the answer, which would allow one to see partially to the outside if needed which would offer partial privacy, this can include company logos on windows, window frost decor for sliding glass doors or even an abstract circle or line type design if needed. Sandblast vinyl window tinting blocks up to 95% of the Sun’s UV rays which drastically slows down the Sun’s fading process of furniture and curtains which are exposed to the sun

during the day, but it does not stop as much solar heat as solar window film does from entering a room because it doesn’t have the same heat absorption and heat rejection properties as solar window film does and silver reflective solar window film is by far the best performer when it comes to heat rejection. Just a note on some safety: Conventional sandblast is achieved by removing a layer of the glass surface and the result is weakened glass. Sandblast vinyl window tinting eliminates this problem but achieves the same elegant look and also protects the glass from shattering in the event of any breakage PLUS it is removable should a design want to be updated to the latest trends out there. Sandblast vinyl is also removable whenever necessary, especially in the case of rented office space where these spaces generally have to be vacated and left as when you first moved in.

Solar Window Tinting Film vs Frosted Window Film

solar film vs window frosting

If you are looking to keep the heat out of your Johannesburg home or office then a solar window film application is the answer. Heat reflective window film reduces the amount of Solar Energy entering a room by absorbing between 28% & 47% of the heat depending on the solar window film type, and this is why the heat inside a room is greatly reduced, especially in the hot summer months. Residential sun reflective window films block up to 99% of the Sun’s UV rays while reducing energy costs at the same time by means of reducing air conditioner running times. Residential window tinting films don’t only absorb

percentages of heat build-up but they also reflect away certain percentages of the heat as well, assisting in reducing temperatures inside your home or office. With solar window film applications there are also some privacy options but they are limited: The standard black & grey heat reflecting film offers partial privacy during the day but one can still see in depending on the amount of light outside and the intensity of the UV reflective window film. Reflective window tinting film offers day time privacy but none at night, especially with the lights on inside, so at night time blinds or curtains would still need to be drawn


for total privacy. Being a reflective product, these solar window films  outperform all other solar films when it comes to heat rejection to deliver fast payback and long-term energy savings. One way window films for privacy (Mirror Tint) are light dependent & are intended for use on windows which are exposed to outside light so when using these window films indoors there needs to be enough light created inside (interrogation rooms) to achieve the privacy needed on the correct side of the film.