tinted windows for less heat

tinted windows for homes & offices to reduce heat

  • Tinted windows reduce energy loss by up to 40% and in turn can reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 30%. During the hot Summer months temperatures can be reduced by up to 15 degrees, 
  • Do you need to increase your comfort  levels inside your home or office? Then installing a solar window film is the right choice for you, plus you’ll also benefit in Winter from the insulation properties of the window film.


One way window film
tinted windows for homes

solar film vs alternatives

  • Compared to other lower cost investments that reduce UV exposure such as curtains, blinds and awnings, our window tinting for houses don’t create an unwanted dark environment, or block your view of the outside world like a full/solid cover privacy Window Frosting film would. 
  • Our solar window films are available in a variety of shades and reflectivity, allowing occupants of a home or office to enjoy natural light without the unwanted UV, heat and glare on TV screens and PC monitors.
  • The advantages of tinted glass are endless. Whether you want your tinted house windows to maintain a more comfortable home on the inside or to boost the exterior appearance of a building, you will never go wrong with state-of-the-art residential solar window film. 
  • Your home offers you protection from the outdoor elements and your windows serve as your view to the outdoors, but left untreated then they are also responsible for harmful UV rays and excessive heat and glare that enter through the glass.


Solar film questions answered.

One way mirror film works with light. The side with the most light will give the mirror effect making it most effective with windows exposed to outdoor light. If used indoors, sufficient artificial light needs to be created on the side the mirror effect is needed.

A standard single-pane window will let in 90 percent of the Sun’s UV radiation while a standard double-pane window will let in over 80 percent of the UV. Museum Grade window panes block 98 percent of the ultraviolet radiation from damaging the contents through your windows, so just being indoors doesn’t mean that you are not susceptible to the harmful UV rays of the sun, because you are actually.

So, while standard glass windows do reflect a small percentage of the UV rays away, being exposed to direct sunlight through a window all day long you are being subjected to these harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer and fatique, that is why window tinting is recommended by the skin cancer foundation as a protective measure to reduce the risk of skin cancer and skin damage.  Our solar control window films will absorb 99% of these harmful UV rays preventing them from entering a room, which will drastically reduce skin related illnesses caused by the sun.