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For Home & Business Glass & Film Facts Window Tinting Benefits

Solar Window Tinting Benefits For Homes & Offices

Reduces Heat & Glare

  • Increase comfort levels inside your home or office with heat reflective window film. solar window film can reduce heat by as much as 80% in Summer.

Saves Electricity

  • Solar window tinting for houses make your home or office more energy efficient by reducing your monthly air conditioning running time/costs which saves you electricity.


  • Silver Reflective window tinting [One Way Film] offers day time privacy but none at night (curtains/blinds are still needed at night) while other films can offer partial day time privacy. At night time the silver/mirror effect reverses to the inside when the lights are on inside. The one way mirror film effect shows more on the side with the most light.

Protects against broken glass pieces

  • Accidents, forced entry, seismic activity.
  • Turns normal glass into Safety Glass.

Blocks up to 99% of Harmful UV Rays

  • Minimize UV health risks to skin and eyes.
  • Solar window tinting minimizes fading of furniture & wooden floors from the sun.

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Solar Reflective Film Advantages

Reducing Heat & Glare

Glass windows are necessary in every home or building for obvious reasons.  They allow light in and offer a view to the outside world.  But windows left untreated with no solar reflective film have numerous shortcomings which include sun damage to wooden flooring, furniture, paintings and generally overheated interiors. Tinted glass can block as much as 80% Solar heat passing through a standard glass pane and 60% or more of the infrared light responsible for heat build-up inside your home or office, which means the need for artificial cooling. Window tinting film at the same time still allows in as much as 70% visible light and this same window tinting film eliminates unwanted glare from the sun on TV screens and computer screens as well which means less distractions, making for a more productive work force in the workplace.

Saving You Electricity

By eliminating most of the unwanted infrared light with solar reflective film, and with proper insulation installed in your home’s roof, your air conditioner isn’t working as much to regulate heat anymore in the Summer months so cooling costs are minimised as well as heating costs during the colder Winter months because then the window film acts as an insulator, preventing regulated warm air from inside escaping through the glass. Your window tinting installation means you will also leave a smaller carbon footprint as well.

Offers Privacy

Solar window tinting can offer daytime privacy from the outside (in the case of one-way window film) but none at night, and will still allow you to see out as well, whereas Sandblast window tinting can offer 100% privacy day and night when a full coverage option is installed but then your view is compromised from the inside looking out as well.

Safety Benefits

Solar reflective film will keep glass pieces together in the event of any breakage that might occur preventing it from flying all over in the event of any break-ins, accidents or seismic activity. Flying glass pieces are the number 1 cause for injury from bomb blasts and our solar window film will prevent this from happening by turning your standard glass windows into Safety Glass to prevent shards of flying glass in any such an event.

Health Benefits

A standard single-pane window will let in 90 percent of the Sun's UV radiation while a standard double-pane window will let in over 80 percent of the UV. Museum Grade window panes block 98 percent of the ultraviolet radiation from damaging the contents through your windows, so just being indoors doesn’t mean that you are not susceptible to the harmful UV rays of the sun, because you are actually. So, while standard glass windows do reflect a small percentage of the UV rays away, being exposed to direct sunlight through a window all day long you are being subjected to these harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer and fatique, that is why window tinting is recommended by the skin cancer foundation as a protective measure to reduce the risk of skin cancer and skin damage.  Our solar control window films will absorb 99% of these harmful UV rays preventing them from entering a room, which will drastically reduce skin related illnesses caused by the sun.

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