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For Home & Business Glass & Film Facts Window Tinting Benefits

Solar Window Tinting for Heat Reduction Inside Homes & Offices

Shatterproof, Laminated & Safety Glass Film Restrictions

  • These glass panes expand and contract with heat. Dense colour solar window tinting causes thermal stress to the glass which can cause the glass to crack if the correct film is not installed on a specific glass type. If Laminated or Safety glass windows are not exposed to sun then it will be acceptible to use any shade of window tinting film, if  the glass is exposed for 2-3 hours of morning sun only then it would still  be acceptible to use any colour solar window film BUT if the glass is exposed to the sun from +- 11h00 until the evening then a dense solar window tinting film could cause the glass to crack. The only heat reflective window film one can safely use on these glass windows with a lot of sun exposure are a Non-reflective 35% or a Silver 15% reflective or higher, and this way you can be rest assured that there won't be any issues with cracking glass because of wrong film type.

Toughened, Temper Shield, Armor Plate or Float Glass

  • Any solar window tinting film of choice can be used on these glass types.  Heat reflective window film for windows are ideal for keeping out harmful UV rays and in the process protecting any blinds or furniture that may be exposed to the sun during the day from fading, but more important, you and your loved ones are not subjected to the UV rays anymore which cause skin cancer.

Factory Tinted Glass:

  • See FAQ for film to glass recommendations.

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Heat Control Film for Windows in Homes & Offices

The better you look, the better you perform is the old saying, and this rings true for a place of business just as it does for an individual. If your Johannesburg home or office needs a little upgrading for that added curb appeal, then don’t overlook the windows as you consider what type of improvements to make next. We source a variety of heat control window film (often referred to as architectural window films) that will greatly modify and improve the look of your home or business. From stylish metallic one-way window films that will give your business a mirrored appearance to a blue mirror, grey, bronze or black finish depending on your solar control window tinting film colour preference.


We all know how hot Johannesburg can be in the Summer and that is why sun reflective window film is a must have so your property’s windows are able to perform up to their maximum potential.  The sun reflective window film we install is a low cost but highly effective way to make your business or home more comfortable inside.  Solar reflective films are better at reflecting away the heat than just glass alone can, and it is able to do so because it absorbs and rejects much of the unwanted sunlight and Infrared rays while allowing in sufficient amounts of visible light needed to create a well-lit interior without the unwanted glare on TV and computer screens.

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