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For Home For Business Window Frosting Benefits

Window Frosting Film Benefits


  • Because of window frosting film being translucent, it allows 90% of the outside light in but still offers 100% privacy day & night, so no need for curtains or blinds at night time like solar window tinting privacy options require.
  • Ideal for increased privacy from neighbours, especially in an estate where homes are built close together.


  • Conventional sandblasting involves the removal of a layer of glass, resulting in weakened glass. Window frosting film eliminates this problem by now turning your glass into Safety Glass while still achieving that same elegant sandblast look.
  • Frosted glass window film protects against broken glass pieces in the event of accidents, forced entry, seismic activity & kids or adults walking into glass sliding doors.


  • Window frosting film is also removable if needed, especially from rented spaces, whereas conventional Sandblast is permanent and involves replacing the actual glass pane itself.
  • No need to be stuck with one design for life. Frosted glass film designs can be replaced with newer designs as fashion and trends change.

Blocks up to 95% of Harmful UV Rays & Eliminates Glare

  • Minimize UV health risks to skin and eyes. 
  • Minimize fading of furniture, curtains, blinds, paintings & wooden floors.
  • Eliminate direct glare from the sun with some solid coverage frosting for windows, especially on computer screens and tablets.

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Frosted Vinyl Window Film Benefits In Detail

Offers Privacy

Frosted vinyl window film can offer 100% privacy day and night when a full coverage option is installed without sacrificing the outside light from entering your room during the day because 90% of the outside light still enters the room but then your view is compromised from the inside looking out as well, alternatively, your Sandblast vinyl window decals can be done as abstract line or circle type designs cut out to allow for some limited visibility options. Solar window tinting falls short in this area because even the darkest solar film is not able to offer the privacy needed at night especially with interior lighting turned on at night.

Safety Benefits

Conventional sandblast involves the removal of a layer of glass which effectively weakens the glass whereas frosted window film adds an extra layer to the glass once installed. Frosted vinyl window film will also keep glass pieces together in the event of any breakage that might occur preventing it from flying all over in the event of any break-ins, accidents or seismic activity. Flying glass pieces are the number 1 cause for injury from bomb blasts and our window frosting film will prevent this from happening by turning your standard window glass into Safety Glass to prevent shards of flying glass in any such an event.


Conventional sandblast on glass is permanent but by opting for frosted vinyl window film for your decorative needs you are able to transform your glass areas into works of art with the peace of mind knowing that you are able to change a design as often as you like as trends change, and in a rented office space you are able to remove the window frosting when ever needed so no need to replace entire glass panes that might have been frosted.

Health Benefits

A standard single-pane window will let in 90 percent of the Sun's UV radiation while a standard double-pane window will let in over 80 percent of the UV. Museum Grade window panes block 98 percent of the ultraviolet radiation from damaging the contents through your windows, so just being indoors doesn’t mean that you are not susceptible to the harmful UV rays of the sun. So, while standard windows do reflect a small percentage of the UV rays away, being exposed to direct sunlight through a window all day long you are being subjected to these harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer, that is why window frosting is recommended by the skin cancer foundation as a protective window film measure to reduce the risk of skin cancer and skin damage. Our frosted vinyl window film, once installed, will block 95% of these harmful UV rays preventing them from entering a room, which will drastically reduce skin related illnesses for people sitting close to windows during the day.

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