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For Home For Business Window Frosting Benefits

Window Frosting & Decorative Window Films for Office Privacy

  • Let us create frosted vinyl stickers of your company logo and pay off line to meet your company branding requirements, to ensure that your office environment is branded effectively, or you can even personalize your office window frosting with an abstract patterned type option such as lines, swirls or square type designs to stand out from everyone else.


  • Large glass areas are common in the workplace but they can create a lot of glare which leads to fatique and increased eye strain for your employees. Window frosting film does a great job at eliminating glare while allowing in natural light but still achieving the much needed privacy, resulting in less distractions for employees and a more comfortable and productive working environment.


  • Whether you need window frosting for privacy in a boardroom, frosting conference room glass doors, medical office or a retail store, we are able to provide you with an affordable window frosting solution to increase your privacy and security needs with our privacy window films, plus your windows are getting a makeover which takes care of some decorative needs at the same time as well.

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Decorative Window Tinting Films for Privacy

If you aren’t looking to save on energy costs, increased security or any other performance related features, then the following are some of the more common decorative window films that are made purely for aesthetic or privacy reasons which are available as well:

Opaque and Translucent Privacy Window Films

If you want a high level of privacy at all times, you can achieve it with an opaque window tinting option which will offer privacy day and night blocking your view from both sides. Translucent decorative window films will give you a shade of window tinting that provides a good compromise between letting some natural light in during the day and giving you some night-time privacy as well depending on the privacy glass film type.

Decorative Privacy Window Film | Coloured

There is a wide variety of coloured privacy decorative window films on the market to choose from when you want to add privacy, or if you need to change the appearance of your glass windows.  For example, you could apply a dark charcoal window tinting film to add privacy and darken your glass without completely blocking it out or you could also use a coloured window tinting film, such as a green or yellow-tinted film to give your tinted glass a contemporary look and feel.

Decorative Window Tinting Films

When it comes to enhancing the appearance of your residential or commercial glass for purely aesthetic purposes, there are a number or decorative home window tinting films on the market. For example, you could use a full colour custom printed opaque window film to add solid graphics like logos or lettering to your windows or a perforated window film such as Contra-vision which has little holes in it to allow for a view to the outside but one can’t see in during the daytime which is perfect for shopfronts and business parks alike for secutity reasons. Or, you could opt for a translucent or transparent privacy window film to add see-through decorative graphics.

Frosted Privacy Window Film

Frosted window vinyl is probably one of the most common decorative window films on the market and can be applied to entire pieces of glass or only to sections of glass areas to add privacy to certain areas. You might opt to frost only the top half of certain windows in your home, such as entrance hall windows or stackable doors. Frosted glass window film is also an excellent choice for businesses when you want to make glass walls around board rooms, private offices, or reception and waiting areas more discrete.

With So Many Decorative Film Types, How Do You Choose the Right One?

When you’re trying to decide on the perfect window film for your tinted glass effect, consider what you want to achieve performance-wise and how you want the tinted glass to look. There are even more types of window tinting film not mentioned here, but this should give you a better understanding of some of the more common types of tinted glass that you can opt for in your home or business.

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