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Large Format Vinyl Stickers Contra-vision Printing Printed Film Benefits

Printed Window Film Benefits

Solid vinyl

  • Opaque sticker for glass window tinting offers 100% privacy on both sides of the glass day & night with full colour graphics printed one side to communicate your message to the outside world.


  • Perforated window vinyl allows you to see out of an office or shopfront but has 100% privacy from the outside looking in during the day. At night with lights on there is no privacy and blinds or curtains still need to be drawn.

Clear vinyl

  • Transparent vinyl stickers allow you to see in and out of an office or shop but with a slightly blurred/distorted view because the adhesive is not as optically clear as a normal glass window.


  • All our printed window film window tinting is removable when needed so no need to be stuck with one design for too long.

Blocks up to 100% of Harmful UV Rays

  • Eliminate UV health risks to skin and eyes. Eliminate fading of furniture and wooden floors in the case of solid vinyl/opaque sticker for glass.

Protects against broken glass

  • In the event of accidents, forced entry or seismic activity. Turns normal glass into Safety Glass.

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Benefits of Various Printed Window Film


Solid vinyl Offers 100% Privacy

Opaque sticker for glass window tinting can offer 100% privacy day and night when a full coverage option is installed but then your view is compromised from the inside looking out as well.

Contravision vinyl offers daytime Privacy

Perforated window vinyl window tinting can offer daytime privacy from the outside, preventing passers-by from looking in while still allowing you to look out during the day but none at night with lights on inside, blinds or curtains still need to be drawn.

Transparent vinyl stickers offer partial privacy

Transparent vinyl stickers window tinting can be printed with any graphic of your choice and the printed graphic is what blocks most of your view from both sides and offers privacy from the opposite side while the unprinted/clear areas still allow for distorted/blurry view.

Perforated window vinyl / Vinyl Window Decals are Removable

By opting for a custom printed opaque sticker for glass or perforated window vinyl for your decorative needs you are able to transform your glass areas into works of art with the graphic of your choice with the peace of mind knowing that you are able to change the design as often as you like, and in a rented office space you are able to remove the window vinyl printing when needed without having to replace the glass itself.

Printed Window Film Health Benefits

A single-pane window lets in 90 percent of UV radiation while a standard double-pane window lets in over 80 percent. Museum Grade window inserts block 98 percent of the ultraviolet radiation from damaging your belongings through your windows, so just being indoors doesn’t mean that you are not susceptible to the harmful UV rays of the sun. So, while standard windows do reflect a small percentage of the UV rays away, being exposed to direct sunlight through a window all day long you are being subjected to these harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer, that is why opaque sticker for glass window tinting is recommended by the skin cancer foundation as a protective measure to reduce the risk of skin cancer and skin damage.  Our opaque sticker for glass vinyl option, once installed, will block 100% of these harmful UV rays preventing them from entering a room, which will eliminate skin related illnesses.

Printed Window Film Safety Benefits

Window vinyl printing film will keep glass pieces together in the event of any breakage that might occur preventing it from flying all over in the event of any break-ins, accidents or seismic activity. Flying glass pieces are the number 1 cause for injury from bomb blasts and our window vinyl printing film will prevent this from happening by turning your standard window glass into Safety Glass to prevent shards of flying glass in any such an event.

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