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Perforated window vinyl

Contravision Printing

  • If you are looking to achieve total privacy during the day then Contravision printing is also a product to opt for. Perforated window vinyl has small holes in it which allows one to look out of an office or shop but it prevents passers-by from being able to look into the office therefor making it an excellent solution for daytime safety and security. At night time with lights on inside curtains or blinds still need to be drawn.


  • Perforated window vinyl can also be installed as an unprinted option without any graphics printed on it which then leaves it as a white installation on the outside of your windows which will help to reflect the sun away from your windows as well, making it cooler inside.


  • In the gallery to the right, the large Patio Warehouse shopfront image was printed on perforated window vinyl and installed using scaffolding to reach the upper most windows. As you can see the perforated window vinyl prevents outsiders from seeing into the store but from inside the store you have a perfect view of the outside making it ideal for daytime security.

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Large Format Printed Window Film Specialists in Johannesburg

We only use the latest digital print technology from HP. The HP Latex digital printer is designed to produce stunning print colour quality with water based inks making it an Eco Friendly printing option. The HP printer is able to print on transparent vinyl stickers, perforated window vinyl, vinyl wall decals, opaque sticker for glass & poster material. We are able to print big runs at quick turnaround times ensuring 100% satisfaction for our customers.

Large format digital printing is exploding into one of the most effective methods of creating a diverse range of applications, brand awareness, superior print quality, cost-effectiveness and easy to execute print products. We only use the latest digital print technology to ensure that your print job is done correctly the first time every time. We offer bright & bold image reproduction on a range of large format materials which include solid vinyl, perforated window vinyl, vinyl wall decals and PVC banners. The large format prints we do can print up to a width of 1.5 metres and the length is generally 2-5 metres but lengths of 25 metres have been printed in the past, but whether you are in need of an opaque sticker for glass, frosted sticker for glass or a perforated window vinyl, the longest is normally 2.5m.  The cost of large format printing actually becomes relatively cheap considering the audience you can reach, especially on a large building alongside a busy freeway where the cost per view would acutally be quite miniscule.

After printing has been completed there is no need to wait for the inks to dry because the prints come off the machine dry and ready for lamination immediately whereas some printers on the market have solvent based inks which need drying time and an outgassing period of 24 hours of chemicals is needed to prevent laminations or installations from bubbling or lifting. Film laminations are not compulsory but they are recommended as they do protect the inks from being scratched from passers-by and also the outdoor elements if it is an outdoor application that is needed and perforated window vinyl also has it's own special optically clear film lamination for a clear view to the outside.

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