frosted window film benefits

100% Privacy

  • Because of frosted window film being translucent, it allows 90% of outside light in but still offers 100% privacy day & night, so no need for curtains or blinds at night time like solar window tinting privacy options require.
  • Ideal for increased privacy from neighbours, especially in an estate where homes are built close together.


  • Conventional sandblasting involves the removal of a layer of glass, resulting in weakened glass. Window frosting film eliminates this problem by now turning your glass into Safety Glass while still achieving that same elegant sandblast look.
  • Frosted glass window film protects against broken glass pieces in the event of accidents, forced entry, seismic activity & kids or adults walking into glass sliding doors.
Frosted window film
frosted window film for privacy


  • Frosted Window film is also removable when necessary, especially from rented spaces, whereas the conventional Sandblast is permanent and involves replacing the actual glass pane itself making window film more cost effective.
  • No need to be stuck with one design for life. Frosted glass film designs can be replaced with newer designs as fashion and trends change

block up to 95% uv & glare

  • Minimize UV health risks to skin and eyes.
  • Minimize fading of furniture, curtains, blinds, paintings & wooden floors.
  • Eliminate direct glare from the sun with some solid coverage frosting for windows, especially on computer screens and tablets.