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Top 3 Window Tinting Films for Johannesburg Homes & Offices


Sand Blast Vinyl   Window Tint Film  

Do you need Window Tinting for Privacy?

Frosted vinyl/Sandblast vinyl window tinting can be done as a full coverage solid application for total privacy while still allowing 90% light into a room, or as an abstract circle or line type cut out or a logo design for your business for partial privacy in Johannesburg.

Do you need Window Tinting for Less Heat?

Solar window tinting for homes will block up to 99% of the Sun’s UV rays and reflect up to 80% of the heat that normally passes through a standard glass window. Window tinting minimises air-con running times which in turn SAVES on YOUR Johannesburg electricity costs.

Do you need Printed Window Film?

We're able to print any graphics onto various types of window film for advertising purposes such as Contra-vision or opaque sticker for glass window film, whether it be for total security day and night or maybe daytime only security for your Johannesburg shopfront window.

We specialise in Sandblast vinyl installations for privacy
and Window Tinting for homes and offices to reduce heat.





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Window Frosting for Privacy

Window Tinting for Heat Reduction

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